PV Intake

Automate Your Review and Data Entry Processes

PV Intake is our complete, proprietary solution for capturing Individual Case Safety Reports (ICSRs) or Product Technical Complaints (PTCs) electronically from sources around the world.

Store information in an E2B+ format
Validate submissions automatically
Alert submitters immediately of transmission issues
Integration with safety database
Route product technical complaints directly

Why Choose PV Intake?


Delivers information to the applicable database

Regardless of your information source, PV Intake automatically delivers data to a Product Complaint Database, a 3rd Party Database—like Seibel, SAP, or CRM—or to the Safety Database, where it can be properly processed


Easy-to-use web interface

Via PC or mobile device (Apple/Android native app), PV Intake captures ICSRs or PTCs and transmits them electronically to the Pharmacovigilance function, allowing your personnel to concentrate on more value-added tasks


Helps overcome challenges of traditional receipt and processes

This unique software is more reliable than fax or email submissions, allows you to use multiple business templates to process different types of ICSR, and can support a geographically dispersed workforce


Helps improve overall accuracy, tracking, and timeliness of submissions

ICSRs and PTCs entered manually into databases and complaint-handling systems are often error-prone, while faxing or emailing these documents takes extra time and increases the possibility of lost submissions

More Features that Make PV Intake a Great Choice

Available 24/7/365
Users can access the tool at any time and capture data using their native language without having to wait until a central drug safety office on the other side of the world is open for business

Easy access to information
Process cases faster with structured data, eliminating lost or misplaced cases. Ability to conduct searches, run reports, view case transmission status and content of items submitted

Complete compatibility
Works with commercial and bespoke safety systems, supports attachment of source documents, and offers immediate feedback via the organizational inbox regarding issues with submissions

21 CFR Part 11 compliance
Requires an electronic signature before all user actions, which allows for an audit trail to ensure that all events, data, users, and other Information are tracked