Innovative Technology for Improved Efficiency

We develop and implement technology products to improve the efficiency and utility of all PV systems, with the aim of reducing workarounds and manual effort.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning
Safety data collection and analysis
Automated workflows
Monitoring and reporting


Solutions to Fill the Gaps

Our business teams continually work with the industry to identify gaps and new needs for PV Technology. Working with individual clients or multiple companies, our product engineering team stays attuned to client needs, as well as those within the larger PV industry, applying the latest technological advances to develop a solution. Our capabilities include:

Case intake and automation
Capture safety data from multiple sources, filter out irrelevant data from E2B transmissions and import data from electronic form and paper forms

Case processing and automation
Automate case priority, workflow and case routing, automate duplicate searches, generate narratives, and manage coding data

Individual case reporting and submission
Automation of submission of expedited reports and tracking management

Aggregate reporting and analytics
Our enterprise reporting product offers a full suite of operational, monitoring and periodic reports as well as customizable dashboards and ad hoc reporting capabilities

Signal detection
Our tools scan data, including real-world data (RWD), and automatically flag signals, helping to ensure accurate drug safety profile monitoring and reporting

A Dedicated Product Innovation Team

Our product innovation team consists of over 100 system architects, developers and testers, all of whom have highly specialized experience in building PV technology products. Our team not only has expertise in the required technology but is also well-versed in the business processes that the technology supports. This allows our product designers to address the need fully, the first time.